Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oil Paintings

I'm taking Bob's oil painting class. I've painted in acrylic and watercolor, and this is my first time in oil. It's interesting, and I've relearned how deeply my hate for ellipses truly is.

Suddenly everything is underlined and blue....I accept that. This is my first oil painting attempt. That jar was full of peaches, and was the devil to try to do anything with.

This is my third oil painting, and my favorite so far. I'm finding I struggle with making smooth look 3D. Like the pear in the first attempt.


  1. I had a headache, and then I saw your blue underlined text, I almost hurled - such dangerous things do not belong on a blog (:

  2. Haha, sorry. The text randomly changed and I didn't want to figure out how to change it back