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To those to follow my brother's Missionary blog:


You are probably annoyed you couldn't get to my brother's blog and confused as to why you ended up here.  Well friend, pour yourself a hot beverage as I tell you a tale.

President Holzapfel, my brother's mission president, has asked that all missionary blogs be password protected.  The End.

Now you're probably disappointed.  That was a sorry excuse for a tale as you've ever seen.  Valid point.  It was a single sentence followed by a "The End." Not even a fancy "El Fin."  But the facts remain the same: the mission president made a request concerning missionary blogs that we have complied with. At least now you have a hot soothing beverage to calm your troubled heart.

Now as you sip your comforting drink, I'll give you another ray of hope.  You can still read my brother's blog, you'll just have to email my parents for the password:

But be warned, my parents are troublesome and tricky.  You'll probably have to complete a series of puzzles and challenges, each one more complex than the last.  Many possibly leading to your death.  It wouldn't hurt you to sneak in a bribe to up your chances of getting the password.  Or at least making it out with your life and most of your body parts.

As they are newly empty-nesters, promising a first born child or two could get you a long way.  Or a puppy.  But you didn't hear that from me.  In fact, you were never here.

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